We have been in the business of helping those who are in most need first. This has been the case for almost 20 years. We have not gotten tired nor have we thrown in the towel.

One who has been given much, much is required! The company was started by Hiram Hyman X while he was employed as a process engineer at the time. He began developing his own embedded systems in hopes of starting a robotics company. From the positions he has held as an engineer, today Hiram has combined his years of diversity to form HXE! What makes HXE so unique is that it hits hard from multiple angles. We believe it is the will of the Supreme Being to raise us as the cream of a New World. There is no stopping the inevitable! This is the reason why we put people first. The world is changing so rapidly, and HXE is thankful to be a part of the process of change!

Unlike most large or small companies that thrive on evil practices where customers are lied to, employees are treated unfairly etc.. HXE is engaged in making a Righteous And Industrial Nation (RAIN). We believe in telling the truth at all times regardless of the circumstances.

PAY YOUR BLACK TAX! Find a Black business and spend your money with your own. We are the only people that have to be urged, cajoled, and admonished to “buy Black.” This is sure proof of the need for mental resurrection from the blinding touch of Satan. https://t.co/NdQsTetLwL

American atrocities and continued demands for reparations for Blacks https://t.co/jgJfPTehW5

New Edition ::: SEPARATE AND BE SAVED—colleges to corporate boardrooms, cops on the streets and everywhere in between, America’s intractable race problems and the ugly, deadly race interactions and encounters are growing worse. Read more @ https://t.co/z5zRNHsfMK https://t.co/pckiwFQmM4 HXE_ROBOT photo

I’m excited to deliver part 2 of a very special message, Farrakhan & The Wheel! ⁣

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No Need To Guess or Theorize about UFOs When The Truth Is Proven! ✊🏿 https://t.co/2mN7dCL8Be via @YouTube