Nation Of Islam’s M.O.S.T (Ministry Of Science and Technology)

Our mission at HXE is the development of Autonomous Robot Systems all across our Nation.
Autonomous robots have the ability to make decisions and then react properly to it’s environment. This mixture of software and hardware (mechanical and electrical) forms our autonomous robots. HXE is currently developing robots with UI (User Interface) and controller. This is part of our robot swarms project. This line of swarm robots, senses and responds to its environment therefore mimicking the powerful human brain. The degree of autonomy is far more advanced than other designs that often use the term robot with no intelligence. The word robot is often misused.

Define Robot:
robot definition: 1. a machine controlled by a computer that is used to perform jobs automatically

HXE has relocated from the United States to Japan . After being around such awesome technology in both countries, we began to overstand that we have a lot to show the world in regards to robotics in our Nation.